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About Consulting
At the very foundation of Community Ties of America, Inc., exists our consulting and research division.  Our philosophy is to assist public and private agencies to deliver superior and economical service.   Our organization focuses on issues that relate to long term care by providing financial and programmatic policy consulting work. When dealing with public issues our analysis includes input from all stakeholders to create feasible recommendations.

Community Ties of America, Inc., remains at the forefront of the consulting and research industry by offering access to experienced staff consultants, as well as successful executives, public officials with senior management experience and respected researchers in academia.  In addition, within the consulting division a highly qualified team provides QA/QI consulting, revenue analysis/management, and contracted management services for institutional providers.

Our organization focuses on issues that relate to long term care by either providing financial or programmatic policy consulting work.  Our experience is diverse, as can be seen by some of the projects that we’ve worked on in the past.  

Project History

For information regarding consulting and research services, please contact us at (615) 661-4544.

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