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    Case Management

About Case Management
The Case Management division of Community Ties of America, Inc., assists individuals to determine the health care services they require, determine eligibility for Federal/State/Local programs, and works with the individual to connect them with local service providers.  These services are provided to individuals enrolled in Tennessee’s Home and Community-Based Medicaid Waiver.  Case Management services are provided to increase the ability of the recipient to remain in their natural home setting and minimize the need for similar facility based care. 

Currently, Community Ties of America, Inc. provides case management services in the State of Tennessee.  The case management staff consists of registered nurse case managers. These individuals have an average of 19  years of experience working directly with the elderly and disabled thereby having the knowledge needed to make sure the needs of our clients are met and exceeded.  Our case managers have had a range of experience working in hospital settings, home health, nursing facilities, public agencies and private agencies.

Case management is accomplished through four components: 1) Individual Screening & Assessment, 2) Service Support Planning, 3) Referral Services, and 4) Quality Assurance Reviews.

  For information regarding case management services call toll-free (877) 661-4544.

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